The Department of Elections Provides Information about Voter Rights and Prohibited Activities in the November 8 Election

Department of Elections
City and County of San Francisco
John Arntz, Director

For Immediate Release
SAN FRANCISCO, Friday, October 14, 2022 – As required by state law, the Department of Elections makes the Voter Bill of Rights, a list of essential rights for California voters, available in the Voter Information Pamphlet, as well as online and at all in-person voting sites. Among the rights afforded to California voters are a) the right to cast a secret ballot free from intimidation, 2) the right to ask questions about election procedures and observe the election process, and 3) the right to report any illegal or fraudulent activity.

In the November 8, 2022 Voter Information Pamphlet, which the Department mailed to local voters last week, the Voter Bill of Rights is printed on page 11. Any voter who has opted out of receiving a hard-copy of the Voter Information Pamphlet may view the Voter Bill of Rights in the “General Information” section of the online version of the Voter Information Pamphlet at  Voters will also see Voter Bill of Rights posters at the City Hall Voting Center, both inside and outside each of the 501 San Francisco’s polling places on Election Day, and online at

In compliance with recently-passed state law, the Department of Elections also posts notices intended to ensure that all California voters are receiving the same messages on the prohibitions of electioneering and corruption of the voting process. The Department prints these notices, the first regarding the prohibition against electioneering and the second regarding prohibitions against corruption of the voting process, in the Voter Information Pamphlet and posts them on its website at, at all voting sites and official ballot drop box locations.

“As in every election, we remind people that electioneering cannot occur within 100 feet of the entrance to a polling place or the City Hall Voting Center, a curbside voting area, or a ballot drop box,” said Director John Arntz. “We also advise voters and members of the public to contact the Department of Elections, the District Attorney’s Office or the Secretary of State’s Office if they think any activities could intimidate voters or violate election law.”

Anyone who believes they have information concerning a possible incidence of election interference, voter intimidation, voter fraud, or any other corruption of voting processes may choose to call the San Francisco District Attorney’s Election Fraud Hotline at (628) 652-4311, the Department of Elections’ Voter Assistance Hotline at (415) 554-4375 (the Department will refer all reports of such activities to the San Francisco District Attorney’s office), or the California Secretary of State’s Confidential Voter Hotline at (800) 345-8683.


Department of Elections
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