Official Canvass of Election Results, June 5, 2018, Consolidated Statewide Direct Primary Election: Random Selection of One Percent of the Precincts for Manual Tally

Department of Elections
City and County of San Francisco
John Arntz, Director

For Immediate Release
SAN FRANCISCO, Thursday, June 14, 2018 – The Department of Elections randomly selected precincts this morning to include in the manual counting of ballot cards associated with the 1% manual tally as required under state election law; this process is among the final steps to canvassing of results of the June 5 election.

The Department of Elections selected, using three 10-side dice, six precincts that represent one percent of the number of precincts in the June 5 election. 

For the selected six precincts, all contests will be manually tallied and these manual tallies will be compared to the results from the Department’s voting equipment. 

The Department webcast the random selection of the precincts included in the 1% manual tally and posted a recording of the selection process on

Following is a list of precincts that have been selected to be included in the 1% manual tally.


Ballot Type

Sequence of Rolls



1st  roll



2nd  roll



3rd  roll



4th  roll



5th  roll



6th  roll

Observing the Manual Tally Process
The 1% manual tally of selected precincts will begin on Monday, June 18, and will proceed during working hours, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., from that date until all chosen precincts are tallied.  

The manual tally process will take place at the Department’s warehouse on Pier 48, Shed B, located on Terry Francois Boulevard, near AT&T Park. This manual tally is open to public observation, either in person or by watching the live streaming on


Department of Elections
City and County of San Francisco
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