Ballot Simplification Committee Information - February 15, 2022, Consolidated Special Municipal Election

Ballot Simplification Committee meeting in a City Hall chamber


Ballot Simplification Committee meetings for the February 15, 2022, Consolidated Special Municipal Election are scheduled to begin November 19, 2021.

The Committee must complete its work no later than 85 days before the election, which is November 22, 2021.

For any correspondence with the Ballot Simplification Committee members, contact Peter Stevens at (415) 554-4375 or by e-mail at

Meeting Notices and Agendas

Agendas are posted at least 72 hours prior to each meeting, as mandated by the Sunshine Ordinance. Other meeting materials are made available as early as possible. All materials are posted in reverse chronological order (most recent on top).

BSC Meeting Agenda, November 19 and 22, 2021 (PDF)

Notice of Ballot Simplification Committee Meetings (PDF)

Information About Local Ballot Measures and Other Important Material

      Recall Measure Regarding Alison Collins

        Recall Measure Regarding Gabriela Lopez

        Recall Measure Regarding Faauuga Moliga

        VIP Frequently Asked Questions

        Resolution Regarding Remote Ballot Simplification Committee Meetings

        When Information Becomes Available

        Information about each measure will be posted before the meeting scheduled to draft the digest for that measure. Any materials that result from a meeting will be posted as soon as possible after the meeting. Timing varies depending on when the materials are available to the Department of Elections.

        Information posted before a meeting

        At minimum, the information will include:

        • Legal text of the proposed ballot measure
        • Draft digest provided by the City Attorney’s office, which serves as a starting point for the Committee’s work during the meeting.

        Other information will be posted as available, such as:

        • Legislative digests for measures submitted by the Board of Supervisors
        • The City Attorney’s title and summary for initiative measures
        • Department analyses of proposed initiative measures required under San Francisco Municipal Elections Code Sec. 350
        • Correspondence directed to the Committee related to the digest of the measure

        Information posted after a meeting

        Information will be posted as available, such as:

        • Approved digest, with the deadline for Requests for Reconsideration
        • Correspondence shared with the Committee during the meeting related to the digest of the measure
        • Requests for reconsideration of an approved digest
        • Final digest that will be published in the Voter Information Pamphlet

        Video Archive: Ballot Simplification Committee

        Name Date Duration Watch
        Ballot Simplification Meeting 1, 11/19/2021  11/19/2021  2:57:54 Video (YT)
        Ballot Simplification Meeting 2, 11/22/2021   11/22/2021  0:09:27 Video (YT)