Ballot Simplification Committee - November 2012

About the Ballot Simplification Committee

The Ballot Simplification Committee works in public meetings to prepare a fair and impartial summary of each local ballot measure in simple language. These summaries, or “digests,” are printed in San Francisco’s Voter Information Pamphlet, which is mailed to every registered voter before the election.

                Upcoming Election: November 6, 2012, Consolidated General Election 
                Meetings begin: Monday, July 30, 2012 
                Completion deadline: Monday, August 13, 2012

Agendas will be posted at least 72 hours prior to the meeting, as mandated by the Sunshine Ordinance. Other meeting materials will be made available as early as possible. Please check often for any updates. More information about the Ballot Simplification Committee (PDF).

Agendas and meeting notices

•    Ballot Simplification Committee Agenda, August 6-10 (PDF)
•    Ballot Simplification Committee Agenda, July 30-August 3 (PDF)   
•    Notice of Ballot Simplification Committee Meetings for November 6, 2012, Consolidated General Election (PDF)

Please scroll down for a list of measures to be discussed at the Ballot Simplification Committee meetings and related documents. 

        Bond measure: Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond
            FINAL digest-Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond (PDF)        
            Draft digest-Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond (PDF)
            Legal text, legislative digest-Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond (PDF)
            Board of Supervisors file 120525-Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond (PDF) 

        Declaration of policy: Policy Opposing Corporate Personhood
            FINAL digest-Policy Opposing Corporate Personhood (PDF)
            Draft digest-Policy Opposing Coorporate Personhood (PDF)
            Legal text-Policy Opposing Corporate Personhood (PDF) 

        Charter amendment: Affordable Housing
            FINAL digest-Affordable Housing (PDF)
            Request for reconsideration-Mayor's Office of Housing (PDF) 
            Approved digest-Affordable Housing (PDF)
            Draft digest-Affordable Housing (PDF)
            Legal text, legislative digest-Affordable Housing (PDF) 
            Board of Supervisors file 120554-Affordable Housing (PDF) 

        Charter amendment: Consolidating Odd-Year Municipal Elections
            FINAL digest-Consolidating Odd-Year Municipal Elections (PDF)
            Draft digest-Consolidating Odd-Year Municipal Elections (PDF)
            Legal text, legislative digest-Consolidating Odd-Year Municipal Elections (PDF) 
            Board of Supervisors file 111330-Consolidating Odd-Year Municipal Elections (PDF)  

        Parcel tax: Community College Parcel Tax 
            FINAL digest-Community College Tax (PDF)
            Request for reconsideration-Dickey (PDF)
            Approved digest-Community College Parcel Tax (PDF)
            Draft digest-Community College Parcel Tax (PDF)
            Legal text-Community College Parcel Tax (PDF) 
            Documentation submitted with legal text-Community College Parcel Tax (PDF) 

        Ordinance: Water and Environment Plan 
            FINAL digest-Water and Environment Plan (PDF)
            Letter regarding Request for reconsideration-Heneghan (PDF)
            Request for reconsideration w/attachments A&B-Olson and Rosekrans (PDF)
            Approved digest-Water and Environment (PDF)
            Draft digest suggestions from SFPUC-Water and Environment (PDF)
            Draft-Controller Statement on Water and Environment Plan (PDF)
            Letter to BSC-Rosekrans (PDF)
            Letter to BSC-Henegan (PDF)
            Draft digest-Water and Environment Plan (PDF)
            Department analysis-San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (PDF)
            Legal text-Water and Environment Plan (PDF) 
            Title and Summary-Water and Environment Plan (PDF) 

        Ordinance: Gross Receipts Tax 
            FINAL digest-Gross Receipts Tax (PDF)
            Request for reconsideration-True (PDF)
            Approved digest-Gross Receipts Tax (PDF)  
            Draft digest-Gross Receipts Tax (PDF)
            Legal text, legislative digest-Gross Receipts Tax (PDF)

    "Words You Need To Know" from November 2011 (PDF) 
    "Words You Need To Know" from Nov.2008-Nov. 2010 (PDF)