Poll Worker Training Resources

Poll workers attending a training class at City Hall


The Department of Elections extends a big thank you to each and every poll worker serving in the upcoming election! Without the assistance of civic-minded people such as yourself, we could not complete our mission to administer free, fair and functional elections in San Francisco!

We encourage you to review all the resources available on this page to ensure you feel confident in your ability to perform your responsibilities on Election Day. If you have questions, please contact us at (415) 554-4395.

Online Training Program

In light of recent events, the Department will provide an online program, through which poll workers can safely acquire necessary knowledge from home.

To accommodate poll workers who may not have computer or internet access, we will designate days when poll workers may complete training at the Department’s Office in City Hall. Please call us at (415) 554-4395 to schedule a time to complete this training in City Hall.

The mandatory online training will cover 1) the rights of voters and language and accessibility resources, 2) proper setup and operation of voting equipment, 3) processing of voters, including standard, vote-by-mail, and provisional voters, 4) ballot-scanning machine procedures, including how to use the Guide to Messages on the Ballot-Scanning Machine, 5) custody procedures for voted ballots and other election materials, 6) new health and safety procedures, and other essential topics.

You will have access to the online training, as well as the optional bilingual assessment a month before the Election Day, by logging into your Poll Worker Profile.

In addition to online training, those who believe they would benefit from voting equipment practice will have the opportunity to attend small group hands-on training sessions at City Hall.

Training Manual

The Poll Worker Training Manual (PDF) for the November 8, 2022, Election is now available.

The Manual is designed to help you fulfill your mission, to efficiently carry out your duties, and to provide excellent service to voters. We encourage you to review the Manual more than once.


Your dedication makes Election Day possible for San Francisco voters and your feedback is very important to us.

To submit feedback about serving as an Inspector, please click here (available after Election Day).

To submit feedback about serving as a Clerk, please click here (available after Election Day).