RCV District 8 Nov 2006

Election Results

RUN DATE:11/10/06 02:37 PM

Supervisorial District 8 reported a clear majority leader, so the Ranked-Choice Voting method will not be applied.

To understand the difference between the Pre-RCV and RCV vote totals:
  1. A number of undervotes reported were, in fact, advanceable ballots (Difference column)
  2. The RCV algorithm advances those ballots and sums them in Pass1.
  3. The candidate(s) with the lowest vote total is selected for elimination (indicated with an asterisk * )
Ballot Definitions:
  • The number of Eligible Ballots (for Pass 1) is the number of ballots with a mark for a candidate in the 1st choice, plus those whose marks were advanced.
  • The number of Exhausted Ballots is the number of undervotes minus the number of advanced ballots, plus the number of overvotes (invalid votes for multiple candidates).
  • The number of Total Ballots is all cards, marked in any way, or blank.