Request for Information (RFI) - New Voting System

On behalf of the City and County of San Francisco (City), the San Francisco Department of Elections (Department) is issuing this Request for Information (RFI) in relation to obtaining a new voting system. The Department seeks information from organizations and firms that provide comprehensive voting system solutions that are fully accessible to all voters, are based on voters marking paper ballots, and conduct ranked-choice elections, as defined in San Francisco’s Charter section 13.102. Further, the City has established a policy that gives preference to implementing voting systems designed using open source software. Additionally, the Department seeks to increase the transparency of all election functions by providing the public with information in open data formats. The Department invites responses from any organization or firm that currently offers a voting system approved by the California Secretary of State for use in California as well as any organization or firm that is building or intends to build such voting systems.  

To ensure fair and equal access to information, the Department will post any questions, requests for clarification or additional information, and the Department’s responses, on this page.



Public Comments to RFI