Return Your Ballot to an Official Ballot Drop Box

ballot drop box


The Department of Elections will provide 34 official ballot drop boxes in convenient locations across the City. These boxes will be available 24/7 beginning 29 days prior to Election Day.

Any voter may choose to use an official drop box in San Francisco to drop off their ballot or the ballot of another California voter who has authorized them to do so. As in other recent elections, in-person voting and ballot drop off services will still be available at the City Hall Voting Center and at all local polling places. To learn about your voting options, visit Ways to Vote.

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How can I identify an official ballot drop box and where will these boxes be located?

All of San Francisco’s official ballot drop boxes will be red, white, and blue, and all sides of the box will bear an American flag and the official seal of the City and County of San Francisco, and show “OFFICIAL BALLOT DROP BOX”. All instructions will be printed in English, Chinese, Spanish, Filipino, Burmese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Below is a map and list of drop box locations. Click any location on the map to view more details.

# Supervisorial District Location Address
1 1 Cabrillo Playground 853 38th Ave
2 1 Richmond/Senator Milton Marks Branch Library 351 9th Ave
3 2 Golden Gate Valley Branch Library 1801 Green St
4 2 Presidio Branch Library 3150 Sacramento St
5 3 City College of San Francisco - Chinatown Center 808 Kearny St
6 3 Huntington Park California St and Taylor St
7 3 North Beach Branch Library 850 Columbus Ave
8 4 Ortega Branch Library 3223 Ortega St
9 4 Parkside Branch Library 1200 Taraval St
10 5 City Hall 1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl
11 5 Father Alfred E. Boeddeker Park 246 Eddy St
12 5 Park Branch Library 1833 Page St
13 5 Western Addition Branch Library 1550 Scott St
14 6 City College of San Francisco - Downtown Center 88 4th St
15 6 Mission Bay Branch Library 960 4th St
16 6 Ship Shape Community Center 850 Avenue I
17 7 Forest Hill Station (Muni Metro) 380 Laguna Honda Blvd
18 7 Ingleside Branch Library 1298 Ocean Ave
19 7 Merced Branch Library 155 Winston Dr
20 7 Sunset Branch Library 1305 18th Ave
21 8 Eureka Valley Recreation Center 100 Collingwood St
22 8 Glen Park BART Station 2901 Diamond St
23 8 Harvey Milk Recreation Center 50 Scott St
24 8 Noe Valley/Sally Brunn Branch Library 451 Jersey St
25 9 Bernal Heights Branch Library 500 Cortland Ave
26 9 City College of San Francisco - Mission Center 1125 Valencia St
27 9 Portola Branch Library 380 Bacon St
28 10 Bayview/Linda Brooks-Burton Branch Library 5075 3rd St
29 10 Potrero Branch Library 1616 20th St
30 10 Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center 1001 Potrero Ave
31 10 Visitacion Valley Branch Library 201 Leland Ave
32 11 Crocker Amazon Playground 799 Moscow St
33 11 Excelsior Branch Library 4400 Mission St
34 11 Ocean View Branch Library 345 Randolph St

How secure are these official ballot drop boxes?

All of San Francisco’s official ballot drop boxes have been designed and installed in accordance with state guidelines to prevent physical damage and unauthorized access to voted ballots. These boxes have been constructed of durable steel with a tamper-proof design and locking mechanisms and will be firmly fastened to the ground. Sheriff deputies will oversee the secure transport of cast ballots to City Hall throughout the voting period. Department of Elections staff will close and lock all ballot boxes at the close of polls on Election Day until the next voting period.

How accessible are these official ballot drop boxes?

All of San Francisco’s official ballot drop boxes have been designed and located in compliance with state guidelines and in collaboration with local accessibility advisory bodies. Every box will be located outdoors, placed on an accessible path of travel, and feature a simple ballot deposit slot, which will be positioned approximately 42 inches from the ground in order to provide maximally convenient access to voters using wheelchairs or other mobility aids. All notices on every box will utilize a high-contrast and large-print font with an anti-glare finish designed to be legible to all voters, along with Braille-embossed instructions to guide voters to identify the location of the ballot deposit slot.

How do I return my ballot to an official ballot drop box?

To return your ballot to a drop box, simply sign and seal your ballot return envelope, and deposit it in the slot (as you might drop off a book at most public libraries). You may also authorize someone else to drop off your ballot for you by filling out the authorization section on your return envelope. To be counted, your ballot must be deposited in the box no later than 8 p.m. on Election Day. (If there is a line of voters at that time, you can still drop off your ballot, provided you arrived by 8 p.m.) To track the receipt of your ballot by the Department of Elections and confirm that your ballot has been counted, use the Department’s Voter Portal or the Secretary of State’s Ballot Tracking Service, or contact the Department of Elections.