2021-2023 Racial Equity Action Plan for the Department of Elections


The Department of Elections' (Department) Racial Equity Action Plan, Phase 1, (REAP), (PDF) guided by the citywide Racial Equity Framework (PDF) released by San Francisco’s Office of Racial Equity (ORE), outlines the Department’s internal racial equity goals for the next three years. The REAP details specific actions the Department plans to take in its efforts to advance racial equity in seven areas: 1) Hiring and Recruitment; 2) Retention and Promotion; 3) Discipline and Separation; 4) Diverse and Equitable Leadership; 5) Mobility and Professional Development; 6) Organizational Culture of Inclusion and Belonging; and 7) Boards and Commissions.

The REAP was developed through a collaboration between Department Director John Arntz, Racial Equity Leaders, and members of the Racial Equity Team, a working group comprised of Department senior management and direct service employees who share decision-making authority and knowledge in service, human resources, and budget areas who are committed to advancing racial equity. With the release of Phase 1 of REAP, the Department commits to building an equitable and inclusive workplace, providing resources and tools necessary for employees to succeed in delivering equitable services to City residents, and ensuring its workforce reflects the populations it serves.

Reaching the short and long term racial equity goals described in the REAP will require the Department to take a number of concrete actions and to implement a series of specific strategies including: 1) modifying recruitment and hiring practices in order to attract and cultivate a more diverse applicant pool; 2) supporting employees who are likely to benefit from utilizing San Francisco’s Employee Assistance Program, Domestic Violence Liaison Program, or other health, benefits, professional training, or wellness programs for City employees; and 3) cultivating a workplace environment in which all Department employees feel valued and supported in carrying out our mission of administering free, fair, and functional elections in San Francisco.

In 2022, the Department of Elections set additional internal racial equity goals, all of which have been reflected in its 2021-2023 Racial Equity Plan, Phase 1 (revised April 18, 2022). To provide feedback on the REAP, please email sfvote@sfgov.org or call (415) 554-7775 to speak to a Department Racial Equity Leader.

On April 27, 2022, the Department of Elections released its Racial Equity Progress Report for 2021.