High School Poll Worker and Ambassador Programs

High school student completing a high school ambassador application


As future leaders of our communities, high school students benefit greatly from opportunities to learn about elections and voting. The Department of Elections maintains two programs that allow high school students to actively participate in the democratic process: High School Poll Worker Program and High School Ambassador Program.

High School Poll Worker Program

In each election, approximately 500 San Francisco high school students join adult poll workers to serve at polling places. If you are interested in participating in the High School Poll Worker program, please see our High School Poll Worker Flyer or complete a High School Poll Worker Application. For more information and a description of minimum requirements, please visit the Serving as a Poll Worker page.

Learn more about serving as a high school poll worker

High School Ambassador Program

Many high school students serve as Ambassadors during the City’s Voter Education Weeks every April and September. The Department provides Ambassadors with all the resources and support necessary to design and conduct outreach events where young San Franciscans can pre-register to vote. Ambassadors gain valuable experience and community service hours as they promote elections awareness in their schools and communities. If you are interested in serving as an Ambassador or introducing this program to your school, please see our High School Elections Ambassador Flyer or complete the High School Elections Ambassador Program Application.

Pre-Register to Vote!

Did you know that in California young people can pre-register to vote when they turn 16? If you are 16 or 17 years old, you can pre-register to vote online at  California Secretary of State's Online Registration Application, and your voter registration will automatically become active on your eighteenth birthday. You can update your registration information at any time by completing a new registration application.