The Department of Elections is happy to assist with your ballot measure submission needs.


Local and district measures qualify for the ballot in various ways. Depending on the type of proposed legislation, a measure can be:

  • Submitted after a vote by the Board of Supervisors or another agency, such as the Board of Education or Community College Board
  • Submitted by the Mayor or four or more members of the Board of Supervisors
  • Qualified through the initiative process with a sufficient number of voter signatures

An individual San Francisco voter or group of San Francisco voters may submit an initiative measure to be placed on the ballot before San Francisco voters; the Department of Elections facilitates this multi-step qualification process. For details about the initiative process, consult the resources in this section.

The Department of Elections is happy to assist with your ballot measure submission needs. To schedule an appointment, call us or use our appointment form.

For information about state ballot measures, visit the website of the California Secretary of State

Potential Local and District Ballot Measures

Potential measures are posted upon submission to the Department of Elections. There may be other potential measures under consideration by the Board of Supervisors, the Mayor, or another agency that are not included on this page.

When a potential ballot measure is submitted to the Department of Elections, the Department requests permission from the measure’s proponent to make contact information available to the public. If there is no contact information for a particular measure on this page, the proponent has not authorized the Department to release this information.

For the November 5, 2019 election, local and district ballot measure list will become final after the submission deadline:

  • Initiative Measures – July 8, 2019
  • Local Measures – August 2, 2019
  • District Measures – August 9, 2019


Draft Title of Proposed Measure Submitted for Title & Summary Title & Summary Issued Submission Deadline Proponent(s) & Contact Information Status

Ordinance: Vapor Products

5/14/2019 5/29/2019 11/25/2019 Jennifer Hochstatter Proof of publication received, awaiting signatures

Declaration of Policy: Policy Calling for the City to Acquire Alcatraz Island

3/20/2019 3/22/2019 9/18/2019 Leslie Jane Richey Proof of publication received, awaiting signatures

Ordinance: Sunlight on Dark Money Initiative

N/A N/A N/A Four or More Members of the Board of Supervisors
Supervisors Gordon Mar, Matt Haney, Sandra Lee Fewer, Hillary Ronen, and Rafael Mandelman
Withdrawn and resubmitted to Department 3/01/2019

Charter Amendment: Free City College Fund

N/A N/A N/A Board of Supervisors Submitted to Department 12/24/2018

Calendar for Ballot Measures

Ballot measure submission deadlines and related schedules are set by law and cannot be extended under any circumstance. To learn more about what activities must occur during specified periods, consult the calendar below. Use the drop-down menu to filter the list for ballot measure activities. November 5, 2019, Calendar for Ballot Measures

Resources for Ballot Measures

The San Francisco Department of Elections has prepared a guide that summarizes the requirements and procedures for qualifying Charter Amendments, Ordinances, and Declarations of Policy for the ballot through the initiative process. This guide is intended to answer common questions about the initiative process and is not intended to be all-inclusive. This guide does not have the force and effect of law, regulation, or rule, and interested parties should not rely on this guide as a substitution for consulting an attorney. This guide applies only to initiative Charter Amendments, Ordinances, and Declarations of Policy for the City and County of San Francisco.   November 5, 2019 - Guide to Qualifying San Francisco Initiative Measures (PDF)

Other Resources