Voter placing an “I voted” sticker onto their shirt


Be prepared for the next election. Find out what contests will appear on the ballot, options for casting your vote, how to mark your ballot, and more.

New Voting System to Debut in the November 5, 2019 election
Learn about the new voting system that San Francisco voters will begin using in the November 5, 2019, Consolidated Municipal Election. While the new system offers expanded and improved features, voters will continue to use paper ballots
Ranked-Choice Voting
Prepare for the new ranked-choice ballot format that allows voters to rank up to a maximum of 10 candidates, practice marking an interactive demonstration ballot, and learn how ranked-choice votes are counted
What’s on the Ballot?
Find out about the candidates and measures that will appear on the ballot in upcoming elections
Ways to Vote
Learn about the different ways to cast your vote in San Francisco, including voting by mail, voting at the City Hall Voting Center, and voting at your polling place on Election Day
Language Access
Find out about voting options and services provided to San Francisco voters in languages other than English
Accessible Voting and Services
Learn about accessible voting options and services available to help voters with disabilities cast their vote privately and independently
Military and Overseas Voters
Find out about special voting programs for members of the military and their families and San Francisco voters who reside outside the United States
Non-Citizen Registration and Voting
Learn about eligibility requirements and voting in the November 2019 School Board Election
Agency and District Elections
Learn about Community Benefit District and other elections occurring in 2019
Voting in Presidential Primary Elections
Learn how California primary elections work and why your party preference matters