Behind the Scenes at the Department

Exterior of San Francisco City Hall

Take a behind-the-scenes peek at Department of Elections activities. Each 5-minute video in the Election Connection Series explains a different aspect of the elections process.

Ballot Simplification Committee
How do complex propositions, amendments to the City Charter, and general obligation bonds placed on San Francisco ballots each election get simplified into a digest of less than three hundred words? This episode of Election Connection explains just how the Ballot Simplification Committee helped bring clarity to the voters of the City for almost 40 years.
San Francisco Poll Workers
When you arrive at a polling place, poll workers greet you and help make the voting process quick and easy. In this episode of Election Connection, we meet several San Francisco poll workers and learn about the training and responsibilities of a poll worker in the City.
High School Poll Workers
When you go to vote at your San Francisco polling place on Election Day, some of the clerks might look quite young, like they could still be in high school. They are. Over 1,000 young people are part of the High School Poll Worker program. What’s it like being a poll worker at such a young age?
Follow Your Ballot
After you cast your ballot on Election Day in San Francisco, ever wonder what happens to your ballot? What is the process is for tallying votes in San Francisco? And how is your vote counted? Let’s follow your ballot from the moment you finish voting to when the election tally is officially certified by the Department of Elections.
Behind the Scenes on Election Day
On Election day in San Francisco, what happens if poll workers discover that their poll location is locked at 6 a.m. when they arrive? What can they do if a voting machine malfunctions? Or they find they don’t have the right supplies for people to vote? Who can they turn to for help? Actually, these poll workers have a large, well-organized support structure managed by the Department of Elections. Here's a short, behind-the-scenes look at polling place support in San Francisco.
Voter Information Program
How do San Franciscans register to vote, find out about the candidates in an upcoming election, or learn what the current propositions are about, so they can exercise their right to vote? Based on the goals of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to make voting accessible to all citizens, the San Francisco Department of Elections operates the Voter Information division to register voters, educate them about the ballot, and advertise the election. Voter Information includes an array of publication and outreach tools to contact people: in person, in print, online, and through traditional and social media.