Request for Proposals: 2022 Voter Outreach Partnership

Elections Outreach staff at a park educating a San Francisco resident about registration options


The Department of Elections has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) with the goal of supplementing its outreach efforts to members of San Francisco’s vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations about 1) how to register, vote, and obtain language and accessible voting tools and services, and 2) how serving as a City poll worker yields personal, financial, and career-related benefits.

In issuing this RFP, the Department seeks to identify partners willing and able to assist in disseminating information on identified outreach topics to local voters and potential registrants in one or more of the following vulnerable or hard-to-reach populations, with a focus on: a) BIPOC residents, b) unhoused or housing insecure individuals, and c) individuals involved in the criminal justice system, including those currently on parole.

Grant proposals due August 3, 2022, by 5 p.m.