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Ballot Simplification Committee - November 2011

About the Ballot Simplification Committee

The Ballot Simplification Committee works in public meetings to prepare a fair and impartial summary of each local ballot measure in simple language. These summaries, or “digests,” are printed in San Francisco’s Voter Information Pamphlet, which is mailed to every registered voter before the election.

 Upcoming Election:  November 8, 2011, Municipal Election
 Meetings begin:  Monday, August 1, 2011
 Completion deadline:  Monday, August 15, 2011


Agendas will be posted at least 72 hours prior to the meeting, as mandated by the Sunshine Ordinance. Other meeting materials will be made available as early as possible. Please check often for any updates. More information about the Ballot Simplification Committee (PDF)

Agendas and meeting notices

Please scroll down for a list of measures to be discussed at the Ballot Simplification Committee meetings and related documents.      

       Initiative Ordinance: School District Student Assignment System

            School District Student Assignment System- Final Digest (PDF)

            School District Student Assignment System-Approved Digest (PDF)

            Comments from SFUSD (PDF)

                School District Student Assignment System-Working Digest (PDF)

                School District Student Assignment System-Draft Digest (PDF)

                School District Student Assignment System-Legal Text (PDF)

                School District Student Assignment System-Title & Summary(PDF)                

                School District Student Assignment System-SFUSD Analysis (PDF)

                School District Student Assignment System-SFUSD Press Release-Middle School Assignment (MHT)

                Student Assignment System-SFUSD Application Handbook (PDF) 


        Ordinance: Campaign Consultant Disclosures

            Campaign Consultant Disclosures-FINAL Digest (PDF)

                Campaign Consultant Disclosures- Request for Reconsideration-Bush (PDF)  

                Campaign Consultant Disclosures-Approved Digest (PDF)

                Campaign Consultant Disclosures-Draft Digest (PDF)

                Campaign Consultant Disclosures-Legal Text (PDF)

                Campaign Consultant Disclosures-Legislative Digest (PDF)


        Charter Amendment: Amending Initiative Ordinances and Policy Declarations

            Amending Initiative Ordinances and Policy Declarations- FINAL Digest (PDF)

            Amending Initiative Ordinances and Policy Declarations- Request for Reconsideration (PDF)

            Amending Initiative Ordinances and Policy Declarations-Approved Digest (PDF) 

                Amending Initiative Ordinances and Policy Declarations-Draft Digest (PDF)  

                Amending Initiative Ordinances and Policy Declarations-Legal Text (PDF)

                Amending Initiative Ordinances and Policy Declarations-Legislative Digest (PDF)

                Amending Initiative Ordinances and Policy Declarations-BOS file_110401 (PDF) 


         Ordinance: Sales Tax

            Sales Tax-FINAL Digest (PDF)

            Sales Tax-Request for Reconsideration-Mr. Goyal-Mayor's Office of Public Policy and Finanace (PDF)

                Sales Tax-Approved Digest (PDF)
Sales Tax-Draft Digest (PDF)  

                Sales Tax-Legal Text (PDF) 

                Sales Tax-Legislative Digest (PDF)

                Sales Tax-BOS File_110749 (PDF)


          Bond: Road Repaving and Street Safety Bonds

            Road Repaving and Street Safety Bonds-FINAL Digest (PDF)

            Road Repaving and Street Safety Bonds-Request for Reconsideration- Strong (PDF)

                Road Repaving and Street Safety Bonds-Approved Digest (PDF) 

                Road Repaving and Street Safety Bonds-Draft Digest (PDF) 

                Road Repaving and Street Safety Bonds-Legal Text (PDF)

                Road Repaving and Street Safety Bonds-Legislative Digest (PDF)

                Road Repaving and Street Safety Bonds-BOS file_110654 (PDF) 


           Bond: School Bonds

            School Bonds-FINAL Digest (PDF)

            School Bonds-Approved Digest (PDF)

                School Bonds-Draft Digest (PDF)

                School Bonds-Legal Text (PDF)


            Charter Amendment: City Retirement and Health Care Benefits

            City Retirement and Health Care Benefits-FINAL Digest (PDF)

            City Retirement and Health Care Benefits-Request for Reconsideration-Saltszman (PDF)

            City Retirement and Health Care Benefits-Approved Digest (PDF)

                City Retirement and Health Care Benefits-Draft Digest (PDF)

                City Retirement and Health Care Benefits-Legal Text (PDF)

                City Retirement and Health Care Benefits-Legislative Digest (PDF)

                City Retirement and Health Care Benefits-BOS file_110058 (PDF)


            Initiative Charter Amendment: Retirement Benefits for City Employees

            Retirement Benefits for City Employees-FINAL Digest (PDF)

            Retirement Benefits for City Employees-Request for Reconsideration-Saltzman (PDF)

                Retirement Benefits for City Employees-Approved Digest (PDF)

                Retirement Benefits for City Employees-Draft Digest (PDF)

                Retirement Benefits for City Employees-Legal Text (PDF)

                Retirement Benefits for City Employees-Title and Summary (PDF)

            Retirement Benefits for City Employees-SFERS Analysis (PDF)


        Words You Need to Know (PDF)

Previous BSC Agendas

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